Border Trade Fair to Strengthen Indonesia-PNG Trade Relations

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The three-day Border Trade Fair of the Republic of Indonesia – PNG and South Pacific Countries on 23 – 25 November at the RI – PNG border in Wutung, Jayapura City, is expected to be a forum for communication and trade transactions, with business actors to increase the volume of trade and good cooperation between both countries.


The statement was delivered by Assistant for Economic Affairs and Welfare of Papua’s Regional Secretary Elia I Loupatty, shortly before closing BTF at the weekend, Saturday (25/11/17) in Wutung. “This is a golden bridge for business actors to gain new business opportunities. It is also hoped that through this border there are important things agreed in the business meeting by both countries in the field of trade, “said Loupatty representing the Governor of Papua.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee Suzana Wanggai who is also Head of the Border and Foreign Cooperation Bureau of Papua Province explained that the three-day exhibition was the first activity for the provincial government. “We made this activity because the relationship between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea is getting stronger and stronger. Currently, both the Indonesian and Papua New Guinea have created a very magnificent cross-border post. Therefore, it is important to open an activity which is important for both countries in trade cooperation,” she said.[1]

Suzana Wanggai explained the exhibition will showcase products from business actors of both countries. According to her, the facilities and infrastructure at the border have been built namely the State Border Crossing (PLBN) Skouw and has been inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on May 9, 2017. “On this border is being built an economic area that will be a golden investment opportunity for both countries. We open this border, not just as casual cross. But we created the border of investment-friendly places to improve Indonesia’s economy and good relations between the two countries, “said Suzana, in Jayapura City, Papua, Thursday, November 16, 2017. Involving many entrepreneurs from both countries, Suzana admitted their interest to participate in the exhibition is quite high.[2]

Some of the participating institutions include the Association of Indigenous Young Entrepreneurs of Papua, (HIPMAS), red fruit entrepreneurs from Keerom Regency, Sampoerna, Sriwijaya Air, SMS Egg Entrepreneurs, also witnessed by Ondoafi Besar Skouw Abisai Rollo and Special Staff of the Governor of Foreign Affairs Edwin Jelmau. Also present were members of KADIN from Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea.[3]

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