Building Papua and West Papua connectivity: an effort to decrease shipping cost

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The development takes time, the long new road wa built for a reason: bring welfare to all Papuan

Quoted from papuanews, there are several main infrastructures that completed and under construction in Papua. For example are the construction of the Port of Sorong, Werur Airport, Port Depapre, Lantamal Development (Main Base of the Navy) XIV Sorong, Wamena Airport development, Trans Papua road, Merauke Fishery Port, border road and Skouw State Border Crossing (PLBN), Holtekamp bridge, and Sorong Airport. The development of infrastructure that helps connectivity is important in reducing prices, especially in eastern Indonesia. Quoted from, PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni) claims Sea Toll connectivity through three freightliner routes run by the company through a subsidy from the government can reduce the price of nine basic commodities by 20% -25%. Elfien Goentoro, President Director of PT Pelni said with affordable connectivity, the price of basic commodities can go down very significantly, for example the price of sugar, wheat and the remaining staple can fall to 20-25% in East Indonesia.

In addition to building the Trans Papua road project, the government is also opening a new road on the northern coast of Papua Province. This road will connect Nabire Regency to Waropen Regency along 459.60 kilometers (km). The new road project on the north coast of Papua is very strategic to reduce the cost of goods and services logistics, especially to connect between districts. Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR) explained that the road segment will be opened from the Nabire City Limit – Kimibay – Legari, along 47.66 km. Then the strategic streets Legari – Botawa (Waropen District) – Gesa (Kabupaten Membramo), along 422,94 km.

Presented by the Minister of PUPR, Basuki Hadimuljon (quoted from, the construction of the Trans Papua road and the border connecting the centers of economic activity has now shown significant progress.For example, the price of basic commodities and cement are still expensive in Wamena. Therefore, it is necessary to build a road from Mamugu (which has a small port) – Kenyam – Habema to Wamena, including several bridges that need to be built. Basuki continued Wamena will also connect to the sea toll and Trans Papua Road Wamena – Ilaga – Enarotali – Nabire to Wasior , which also has a port of loading and unloading of goods.

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By Suha S, MACDIS Researcher