Coconut Export from Saireri, Papua Province

Photo: Papua Provincial Government
Photo: Papua Provincial Government

Papua Provincial Government tries to encourage coconut export in Saireri Cultural Community. This will increase local economy and as the government effort to empower local livelihood.

Saireri traditional territory in Bumi Cenderawasih will be encouraged to export coconut to outside the region and even the country. According to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, coconut potential in the Saireri traditional territory is still not well developed by the community. Therefore, the provincial government will try to invite investors to invest in this field.

“Because the potential of coconut in Saireri is not well developed. As for export, we need to prepare a large amount of coconut. Sufficient quantities already available in Sarmi Regency for the export. But we are still pushing for other Saireri regions to continue to be developed.” Encourage Lucas on one occasion in Jayapura, yesterday. He stated that now, Papua has been able to export its own agricultural products. Pelindo IV Inc has provided a container as a support to facilitate community to export their agricultural products as well.

Pelindo IV Inc also has tried to bring in foreign ships to transport forest products cultivated by the entrepreneurs in Jayapura City. “I hope in the future, not only in Jayapura but the entire region of Saireri must be the center of agro-industry. Because this area has a lot of potentials and besides coconuts, there is a fishery as well. This is what I think should be recognized so that Papua in the future can become an industrial center in eastern Indonesia.” He hoped.

On that occasion, Lukas instructed the Local Government Agency (SKPD) within the Provincial Government to participate in encouraging export commodities according to their main duties and functions. “I challenge SKPD to not only exporting in forestry but also fisheries, plantations, farms or other. Papua has a lot of natural resources that can be sold abroad. I hope this can be a driver for other SKPD.” He explained. He also hopes that export by SKPD later, should empower native Papuans. Therefore, Elijah expects the relevant agencies to carry out the instruction. “I hope all SKPD can support this commitment so that it can improve the regional economy through exports and empowering the indigenous Papuan at the same time.” He said.

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Cited from Papua Provincial Government