Empowering Papua with Informal Education and Soft Skill Training by MNC and Local Education Institution

Image source: http://www.bp2ip-sorong.ac.id/diklat-gratis-pemberdayaan-masyarakat-2/
Image source: http://www.bp2ip-sorong.ac.id/diklat-gratis-pemberdayaan-masyarakat-2/

The Papuan community in cooperation with the Indonesian government has gone a long way in development. The Government of Indonesia, state-owned companies, private, MNC to university have contributed a lot in empowering the people of Papua.

As part of thewell-known oil and gas industry’s social responsibility program, the BP Indonesia Contractor Contract (PSC Contractor) through the Tangguh LNG project is implementing a program known as Tangguh Indigenous Enterprise Development Program or Indigenous Peoples Development Program. Through this program, indigenous people living in Bintuni Bay District, West Papua, receive training to develop entrepreneurship.

Through this program, several women from seven tribes in Bintuni Bay area were sent to t-shirt producers in Bandung to learn sewing. In addition, ten men were sent to Jakarta for air conditioning repair training (AC). After the completion of the debriefing, the community representatives returned to Bintuni. The skills they have received are facilitated to form a business entity SUBITU (Bintuni Bersama Tribe) engaged in the services of clothing manufacturing, air conditioning repair, and business consulting. Achievement SUBITU fairly large. Since its establishment in 2015, the total transactions of these entities exceed Rp 3 billion.

AC repair training, Image source: https://www.bp.com/in_id/indonesia/sustainability/tangguh-sustainable-development-program--tsdp-/tangguh-memberdayakan-masyarakat-asli-melalui-program-pengembang.html
AC repair training, Image source: https://www.bp.com/in_id/indonesia/sustainability/tangguh-sustainable-development-program–tsdp-/tangguh-memberdayakan-masyarakat-asli-melalui-program-pengembang.html

Tangguh Indigenous Enterprise Development Program is just one of the social responsibility programs undertaken by Tangguh LNG. Several other programs covering aspects of health, education, economy, governance and community skills development were also conducted in Bintuni Bay District and Fakfak. The total investment that has been spent for this social responsibility program reaches more than US $ 35 million starting since 2005.
Training to empower the community is also done by Campus BP2IP Sorong organize training DPM (DIKLAT EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY) for free for the people of Papua and surrounding. In this training for community empowerment, there are three certificates that will be given free of charge for the people of Papua and surrounding. There are BST ( BASIC SAFETY TRAINING), SAT (SECURITY AWORENESS TRAINING), and AFF (ADVANCE FIRE FIGHTING). This document is implemented in one package.

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