The Ethnic dance of Papua will perform in Japan

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Papua which is the easternmost province of Indonesia, in addition to the famous tourist destination that very spoil the eyes and culture is still thick with traditional life attracted the attention of tourists not only from within the country but also from abroad. In addition, Papua is also famous for a variety of traditional dance that is often used as a cultural show.

The Provincial Government of West Papua will feature several ethnic dances from Papua at a cultural exhibition held in Japan in April 2018. The Chairman of Public Relations Division of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of West Papua Regional Secretariat, Penina Maabuat in Manokwari said some time ago it was following the Synergy of Public Information and Communication Action (SIAK) in 2017 in Palembang, South Sumatra. At the exhibition, West Papua featured superior products, a photo of tourism potential, culture and construction of road and bridge infrastructure in the area. Along with the vision and mission of the governor and deputy governor are also displayed.

Pavilion of West Papua exhibition enough to attract visitors, including participants from other regions. A number of ministers also stop to see the excellent products displayed on the activity. At the event, West Papua Contingent also brought Iriantos dance group. Their performance is fascinating visitors.

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West Papua won first place in the Best Female Role category. From their appearance on the Synergy of Public Information and Communication Action (SIAK), West Papua was invited to represent Indonesia at a similar event in Japan. The preparation immediately done, and seek to perform with the best performance, given the momentum can be a regional tourism promotion event.

The Indonesian team will bring two ethnic dances from the Arfak Mountains and will do the selection, the best performance we will take to Japan. In addition to ethnic dance, audio, as well as pictures of tourism objects of West Papua on these activities are also displayed. This is very potential to increase the attraction for tourists in various countries.

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By: Riska A. (Researcher MaCDIS)