Ideological threat in Papua : The story of KNPB

Benny Wenda and Buchtar Tani as the leaders of the KNPB (West Papua National Committee) issued instructions to the KNPB in the territories to deposit funds of 20 million per region, and 10 million for each sector. The funds had to be collected before July 1, 2017.

Buchtar Tabuni explained in the instruction that these funds were used for the Revolution by way of the political lobby of independence at the UN, and the needs of ULMWP diplomats.[1]

Benny Wenda has been known as a figure who fought for Papua independence from Indonesia. Now, he lives in London, UK, since 2003, after a year earlier escaped from Abepura Prison, Jayapura. He was arrested for alleged involvement in the attack on the police station in Abepura and escaped when the trial was not over.[2]

Is it true that the Fund was for the political lobby towards the Referendum? Who has financed Benny Wenda’s life in the UK?

Papua is a rich land with abundant natural resources. This situation then used by Benny Wenda with the issue of fighting for a referendum to influence the people of Papua to get a referendum. But the development of Papua is still continued, people of Papua are now not all easily fooled by Benny Wenda and Buchtar Tabuni, most of whom are very understanding and well aware of Benny Wenda’s aims, so now there have been several youth groups opposed to the existence of KNPB on land Papua. They demanded the State to immediately dissolve the KNPB, because they are committed to the independence of Papua not to separate from NKRI, but free from poverty, and backwardness.[3]

The progressive development of Papua has also made the TPN-OPM (Army of Liberation of Free Papua Organization) finally surrendered to NKRI. TPN-OPM also can not prove the colonization done by the government against Papua as they have been voiced so far. In fact, the government has given privilege to every citizen of Papua to be able to develop the region.[4]

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Keywords: KNPB, independence issue, Papua, development, referendum, people of Papua, TPN-OPM.

By Suha Salmia (Researcher MACDIS)

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