The Indigenous Son of Papua was Chosen by Jokowi to be The President’s Adjutant

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President Joko Widodo has a new adjutant from the Bhayangkara corps. Great Commissioner Jhonny Edison Isir was asked to fill the position. He is the son of an Indigenous Papuan.

Jhonny is a Police Officer of the Police of Republic of Indonesia (Polri) who was born in Jayapura, Papua on June 7, 1975. Previously he served as a Director of Special Criminal Investigation (Dirreskrimsus) for Regional Police (Polda) Riau. Jhonny is considered experienced in the field of detective. Jhonny once held the mandate as the main lecturer at the Police Science Higher Education School (STIK-PTIK).

National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian recommended Jhonny as Jokowi’s aide because of his good performance. In addition to reaching Adhi Makayasa, said Tito, Jhonny was a graduate of Master Transnational Crime Prevention, University of Wollongong Australia. “He is very good, he has experience in Java, in East Java, and in Papua, he has been the Chief of Police in Mount Wamena and Manokwari, two places that are very dynamic but can be well managed,” said Tito.

According to Tito, the election of Jhonny as a presidential adjutant because it was based on Jokowi’s request to have a guardsman from Papua. Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia Tito Karnavian conveyed, for the first time a son of Papua became a presidential adjutant. Tito explained, Jokowi interested in the indigenous son of Papua because he saw one of Tito’s adjutant who also came from Papua. Jokowi asks how his adjutant’s performance is. Tito explained, his adjutant is very good at work. Since then, Tito said, Jokowi asked to find an adjutant from Papua. Tito recommends Jhonny, class of 1996 winner Adhi Makayasa or the best graduated and graduated of Transnational Crime Prevention Master of the University of Wollongong Australia.

In fact, Johnny was the only Adhi Makayasa (best graduate) winner in 3 generations. “And in its history, the Military Academy (Akmil), Air Force (AU), and Police Academy (Akpol), the only one ever Adhi Makayasa champion is Johnny Edison Insir,” Tito said the election of Jhonny as a President’s adjutant will raise the confidence of the indigenous people of Papua to compete to improve work ethic.

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