Indonesia goverment effort to counter ULMWP campaign

Some organization are making propos againts fact that West Papua is Indonesia. One of them is ULMWP. This organization drive the Ppapuans to believe that they are not belong to Indonesia historically, politically, and culturally.


ULMWP according to the Papuan Governor is an international diplomacy group that should not be ignored by Indonesia. The Indonesian government should focus more on developing West Papua. The governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, said: “It (ULMWP) is not our business, it’s a matter of international diplomacy and it’s an overseas case so we do not have the capacity, the authority to take care of it,” Lukas said .Lukas also asserted, there is no Papuan people who want independence from Indonesia. Because, Indonesia is independent, and Papua is Indonesia. The Governor of Papua also said the following thing: “It is certain (the people of Papua do not want independence) We are independent, Indonesia is independent No one asks for Papuan Independence” ( / governor-papua-kami-ini-indonesia-tidak-ada-yang-minta-merdeka). President of Indonesia Joko Widodo argues that infrastructure development will greatly affect economic growth. This efforts undertaken by the President is to make West Papua region can be greater than before. Papua already has that big amount of resources and the infrastructures will help it to be greater. Politically, Papua’s position as an Indonesian territory is strengthened through a democratic political process with a plebiscite or a referendum (Pepera) in 1969 as a Papuan society under UN supervision. Similarly, based on international law which is indicated by the UN resolution no. 2504 set forth in the UN General Assembly on 19 November 1969 on recognition of the results of the Pepera. This historical fact can not be denied the validity and therefore the position of Papua as part of NKRI.

In 2016 the United West Papua Liberation Movement (ULMWP) was canceled to become a full member of the Melanesian Spreadhead Group (MSG) countries at a high-level meeting in Honiara, Solomon Islands. This is based on the fact that the status of the NGO is not yet clear because it does not represent the region or the country. At the Summit, Indonesia also rejected ULMWP to become a full member of MSG because of frequent propaganda, in addition due to its unclear organizational status (

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By Suha Salmia. MACDIS Researcher

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