Indonesia, USAID for West Papua

Irene Manibuy in the launching of USAID PRIORITAS Photo: USAID
Irene Manibuy in the launching of USAID PRIORITAS Photo: USAID

Indonesia along with US Agency for International Development (USAID) colaborated in bringing the welfare to the West Papuan. By program called USAID PRIORITAS and KINERJA they try to improve education and health sector in West Papua.

Through US Agency for International Development (USAID) program, US and Indonesia try to maintain West Papua stability at the same time cooperated in creating prosperity in West Papua. USAID is a program which works to end global poverty, to promote democracy and good government, to protect human rights, improve education and environment sustainability, and to help society in recovering from conflict.  In West Papua, the role of USAID is to support monitoring and analysis of Special Autonomy; identification of reforms needed; political and human rights education; and strengthening connections and dialogue between opinion leaders in West Papua and Jakarta.  The USAID also propose a strategy to develop West Papua including economic, education, health, environment, and human rights sector.

One of the USAID program in education sector is USAID PRIORITAS. This partnership between Ministry of Education and Culture, Government of West Papua, and USAID itself will provide better learning opportunities to more than 2500 primary school student in West Papua. They trained the teachers of West Papua to improve their quality and professionalism (USAID, 2015). Another education and health care program, KINERJA, also have poured fund in total 130 billion rupiahs  to improve healtcare and education in West Papua.

Next, Indonesia and US initiated Comprehensive Partnership in 2010 to foster consistent high-level engagement on democracy and civil society, education, security, climate, maritime, energy, and trade issues. The success of 2010 Comprehensive Partnership leads to a greater relationship in US-Indonesia Strategic Partnership, expanding cooperation in regional and global issue.

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By: Syani Z. (Researcher, MaCDIS)