Joko Widodo has made West Papua and Papua Smiling Again

Electricity has become the main need for society in Papua and West Papua. electricity also has become an unfulfilled problem. Eventualy Papua, on 9 May 2017, The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo has inagurated electricty of generator in Holtekamp, Muara Tami district, Jayapura.


Society in papua have always complained about the shortages of electricty and joko widodo knows the complaint from the society there.The President Joko Widodo also been conveyed command  to his staff, good in  State Minister for State Owned Enterprises and president direct on state electricity company to quickly resolve the urgent shortcomings in the regions, especially in eastern Indonesia, especially in the land of Papua.

Director of Maluku-Papua Regional Business of PT PLN (Persero), Ahmad Rofik, at the launch in Neney district, South Manokwari Regency, Thursday (October 26), said the launch was also to commemorate the National Day of Electricity. He explained that President Joko Widodo has launched a program called ‘Indonesia Terang’ (Light up Indonesia). Then PT PLN also launched the program of ‘Light up Papua’. The program targets up to 2020 villages in these two provinces to be electrified.

We could see how happy the society and the childrens in Papua and West Papua was given the  electricity of current in the regions. From that 101 villages, there are 16 villages are located in Sorong, 4 villages in Merauke, 6 villages in Timika, 52 villages in Manokwari, 16 villages in Jayapura and 7 villages in Biak.

The government should pay attention to the construction and distribution of facilities such as electricity, health, education, employment etc in isolated areas. There should be no imbalance between urban areas and isolated areas.

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By Arifina Wijaya,  MACDIS Researcher