Number of Maternal and Child Mortality is Declining in Papua

Photo: Papua Provincial Government
Photo: Papua Provincial Government


 The emergence of regional hospitals in five customary area are able to reduce the mortality rate. When in 2013  the number of deaths reached 575 per 100,000 births, whereas in 2015 reduced by 380 per 100,000 births

The Papua Provincial Government believes that emergence of regional hospitals in five customary area will be able to reduce the mortality rate. This was conveyed by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe through Papua Secretary Hery Dosinaen in Jayapura, recently. Not only that, he also assessed the mortality rate of mothers and toddlers, can be minimized because of the hospital. “So it is very important for us to push this regional hospital. That way, we can further improve the health services to the people throughout the province.” He said.

Lukas also stated that the provincial government is strongly committed to reducing maternal death. there was 380 per 100 thousand births survived while the toddler death rate is now at 13 per 1000. “The numbers of deaths,” he added “should continue to be minimized.” It is his and Vice Governor Klemen Tinal commitment since inaugurated four years ago.

“Therefore, I ask the health service to work optimally and consistently to continue to reduce the death rate of mothers and toddlers.” He said. Head of Papua Health Office Aloysius Giay admitted mother death rate at Bumi Cenderawasih still high enough. Even so, when compared with the previous year, maternal death has decreased.

“The last data (2016) mentions, the number of deaths 380 per 100,000 births, different from the last 2013 which reached 575 per 100,000 births. Indeed, when compared with other provinces in Indonesia, maternal death in Papua is still quite high. But we keep trying so that these numbers can continue to decline.” He said.

He suspects that there are three causes for the high maternal death rate in Papua which is infected, bleeding, and poisoning during pregnancy. While most cases of maternal deaths occur due to pregnancy infection. “While the indirect cause due to the difficult geographical conditions.”

“Sometimes something like this is very challenging for us to handle. In a sense, it is difficult to refer patients from village to the city, especially when it is late at night, it must wait until the next day. So the emergence of regional hospitals is expected to minimize this.” He hoped.

Cited from Papua Provincial Government

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