West Papua after Indonesian Independence #2

The struggle of the Indonesian nation to defend West Papua is not a fascinating struggle. NKRI was forced to make West Papua as part of Indonesia in the name of brotherhood. Despite a lot of misunderstandings that causing clashes, the Government of Indonesia continues to initiate the creation of peace in West Papua.

Four years after Indonesia’s independence, the Dutch still did not want to leave Papua. Indonesia seeks to continue against the Dutch. One of them is through the Round Table Conference (KMB). This conference took place in The Hague Netherlands on August 23, 1949. In the agreement was agreed all the former Dutch colony is the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, except West Papua will return the Netherlands to the NKRI 2 years later (https://papuanews.id/2017/08 / 29 / papua-is-indonesia /)From the Round Table Conference (KMB) agreement that has been made, the Dutch solution to deny the contents of the agreement itself. Until 1961, the Dutch were still in Papua. The Netherlands not only survived more than that, preparing steps to separate Papua from the Republic of Indonesia. The National Council of Papua was formed by the Dutch (Dutch) and freed in a hurry and then forward the declaration of this Dutch-made puppet state on December 1, 1961.Belanda make his country puppet in papua, of course for the nation be furious. So on December 19, 1961 in Alun-alun Utara Jogjakarta, Indonesian President Soekarno declared Tri Komando Rakyat (TRIKORA) to get West Irian of the Republic of Indonesia. (Https://papuanews.id/2017/08/29/papua-is-indonesia/). The struggle to embrace West Papua is not only based on the historical aspect of West Papua is the former Dutch colony. But also because Indonesia hate colonization to every nation, Indonesia tried to build a territory that has a ties with NKRI although it has different ethnic and cultural aspects. Indonesia has been aware of the initiation of foreign countries targeting West Papua for their benefit. Indonesia has an initiative to build West Papua as Indonesia develops another regions.

Keywords: Western Paua, KMB, NKRI, Wayang, OPM

By Suha Salmia, MACDIS Researcher

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